Caves of South Wales Dragon

Black Mountain Cave Photos

Ogof Pasg photo set Ogof Pasg is a short but well decorated cave in Herberts Quarry that links via a very tight squeeze to Ogof Foel Fawr ..more information
Ogof Foel Fawr photo set Ogof Foel Fawr is a short cave that is linked by a tight squeeze over a fallen slab to the nearby Ogof Pasg ..more information
Llygad Llwchwr I photo set Llygad Llwchwr is a fine cave developed on two levels, a maze of higher level passages link in with the fine river chambers below that carry the stream ..more information
Llygad Llwchwr II photo set Llygad Llwchwr 2 is an additional section of Llygad Llwchwr previously only accessible to divers but now has had a dry entrance dug to allow acces to non divers ..more information
Craig Y Nos Quarry Cave photo set Craig Y Nos Quarry cave is a short and simple cave in the Swansea Valley near Craig Y Nos Country Park that is a popular introduction to caving for beginners ..more information
Ogof Pwll Swnd photo set Ogof Pwll Swnd is located on Foel Fraith, about an hours walk across the mountain from Herberts Quarry, and has a reputation for being hard to locate. ..more information
Cribarth Sink photo set Ogof Sinc Y Cribarth is a short cave located on the northern flanks of Cribarth Mountain. The cave is characterised by large quantities of chert in the limestone ..more information
Pwll Dwfn photo set Pwll Dwfn is the only true pothole located in South Wales. The cave descends for nearly 100m to a sump via a series of five impressive pitches  ..more information
Ogof Gwynt Yr Eira photo set Ogof Gwynt Yr Eira is a little visited cave formed in loose rock and located near Herbert's Quarry. The cave has a vertical section plus an extensive inlet series. ..more information
Ogof Dan Y Lleuad Wen photo set Ogof Dan Y Lleuad Wen is remote cave with large fossil passages located on the northen flanks of Foel Fraith. The cave is formed on two levels and has two short pitches. ..more information
Ogof Y Garimpeiros photo set Ogof Y Garimpeiros is a large fossil cave passage filled with many large and loose boulders. The water sinking at the cave resurges at Ffrwd Las some 5.5km away and 250m lower. ..more information