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Ogof Y Garimpeiros

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Ogof Y Garimpeiros takes a small surface stream that sinks a few metres below the entrance and consists of a large passage that is filled with many large boulders with occasional glimpses of the stream. Much of the progress is made by travelling over, beside or under the boulder piles. The water has been dye tested to the Ffrwd Las resurgence some 5.5 km away and 250 metres lower with a transit time of less than 24 hours, indicating potential for much more open streamway to be found.
Length 160m
Altitude 540m
Grid SN 78015 21750
The site was dug by Grwp Ogofeydd Garimpeiros with the breakthrough into the main cave being made in 1989. The cave ended at a large steeply ascending ramp of boulders. Following the dye test in 1996 the terminal choke was revisited and the a route dug through to regain the stream on the other side. This was then followed for another 30 metres before another choke was encountered.
The cave is located on the northern flank of Carreg Yr Ogof, 300 metres northeast of the trig point. The entrance is located near the top of a steep slope above where a small stream sinks and has a lid coveing it.
Black Mountain Central Google map showing the location of Ogof Y Garimperios and other caves in the area.
Location map - click marker to show entrance photo
The most direct route to the cave is to head up the bridle path from near Gellygron Farm. Please note that there are no parking spaces at the end of the road, so you will need to park a considerable distance back up the road. An alternative approach, which makes a fine walk in good weather is to start out from the Llyn Y Fan Fach carpark, walk up to the lake and then follow the contour around the mountain to reach Carreg Yr Ogof.
Lifting the entrance lid reveals a slot beside a large boulder. Squeezing down past the boulder gives access to a void where you can almost stand up. A route over the top of a boulder near the top of this void leads through and over boulders to emerge into the Main Passage of the cave. Boulders are loose and unstable in this area and so care should be taken. The passage is of large proportions, almost 5x5 metres with a small stream flowing down the left hand wall. The passage continues over boulders to an area on the right where progress is through boulders as the passage chokes-up somewhat. The route then takes you up and then down a boulder slope to an area where a low oxbow can be seen on the right. The stream is then regained for a short section before another area where you have to pass up and over boulders again. From here you are forced to take a route through boulders on the right to drop down into the stream and the crawl through to find a large ascending slope of boulders. This is ascended for about 20 metres to find a dug hole at the top that can be dropped down to reach the stream once more and then followed to reach the terminal choke. A cable runs through most of the length of the cave, so there are no great navigational challenges.
A change of underwear is advised
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There are areas of loose rock in this cave particularly in the area of the entrance. The entrance may need a little gardening before attempting to enter the cave.
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