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Ogof Y Ci

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This cave is a linear stream cave with a number of dry passages that radiate off the main passage but all are either oxbows or close down after a short distance.
Length 1400m approximate
Altitude 325m
Grid SO 03985 10641
The cave was discovered by Glyn Thomas of the Modern Caving Club in the Summer of 1948. The cave was surveyed partially by the Hereford Caving Club in 1966 and then a complete survey by I. Statham and the BSA was completed in 1972.
Ogof Y Ci is located in the very beautiful Nant Y Glais gorge. The entrances to Ogof Y Ci are found in the western banks of the Nant Y Glais upstream of Ogof Rhyd Sych.
Central Northern Outcrop Google map showing the location of Ogof Y Ci and other caves in the area.
Location map - click marker to show entrance photo
The cave should be accessed via Llwyn Cil Sanws Farm where permission to visit the cave should be sought. A footpath leads through the farm to a stile behind the large new barn and then a short climb down into the gorge follows.
There are three entrances to this cave. A lower tight wet resurgence with a dry entrance a short way above it. The third and largest entrance is located further upstream in the gorge below the stile, this intersects the middle of the cave. Approaching the cave from the lower dry entrance the first 60 metres of the cave consists mainly of low wet crawls. After this the passage becomes much larger and after some distance daylight can be seen coming through the boulders around the middle entrance. The cave from this point is characterised by a triangular cross section with a stream flowing over a boulder covered floor. There are several passages that lead off from the main streamway. These either end after a short distance or are oxbows that provide a dry route around some of the lower wet sections. The first main chamber is found at a cross roads. Climbing up into the chamber reveals a tight inlet that soon closes down, while on the opposite side a calcite flow leads into the longest of the side passages. This leads to a choke that can be passed only to end in another choke a few metres further on. Following the main streamway from this first chamber leads via some large walking passage to reach a complex area of oxbows and side passages. These all converge on the second chamber with a fine calcite cascade in one corner. The stream can be followed for some distance from here getting lower and tighter. A passage that starts dry runs parallel to the stream until the stream is met and then lost again. The final 50m of passage are dry and followed past some old calcite formations until the passage ends at a sand filled dig.
A wetsuit is recommended for this trip.
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There are some low wet sections in this cave so should be avoided in wet weather.
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