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Powell's Cave

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Powell's cave is a short truncated section of phreatic passage which would once have formed part of the Ogof Ffynnon Ddu Cave system.
Length 61m
Altitude 290m
Grid SN 84995 15362
The lower entrance to the cave was dug out in 1927 by Cyril Powell of Rhongyr Isaf farm when working on the Penwyllt road surface. The upper entrance was later opened up. There was once a voice connection recorded with the OFD I system that lies beneath this section of cave, but this was blocked by the SWCC to protect the cave below.
Labour Voice article on Powell's Cave from 1927
Close up of Labour Voice article on Powell's Cave from 1927
The cave is located at the side of the road up to Penwyllt and the Ogof Ffynnon Ddu Reserve. You can park a car directly outside the entrance, but this easy access has often resulted in an accumulation of refuse in the entrance.
Swansea Valley Google map showing the location of Powell's Cave and other caves in the area.
Location map - click marker to show entrance photo
No known access restrictions.
The cave is a truncated remnant of a much more extensive section of cave which has been left by the effects of glaciation. The prominent lower entrance is located on a bend in the road up to Penwyllt and drops into the large mud floored passage. This is a fine section of phreatic passage with scalloping in the walls and a large and prominent tube that forms the roof of the passage through the length of the cave. The passage gently veers left until a point just over halfway where a stacked pile of boulders forces a short climb up to a higher level. From the top of this climb a steep mud floored passage is followed up to daylight and the upper entrance that is located in the cliff above the road a little further up the hill from the lower entrance.
No tackle is required.
Cambrian Cave Registry for Powell's Cave Lower Entrance
Cambrian Cave Registry for Powell's Cave Upper Entrance
Household refuse and car tyres are often found dumped in the lower entrance.
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