Caves of South Wales Dragon

Clydach Gorge Cave Photos

Ogof Craig A Ffynnon photo set Ogof Craig Ar Ffynnon is an extensive and finely decorated cave with some impressive sized passages and chambers linked by some large boulder chokes ..more information
Llanelly Quarry Pot photo set Llanelly Quarry Pot has a tight vertical entrance series that leads into a long streamway with well decorated sections upstream and tight tortuous passages downstream ..more information
Ogof Capel photo set Ogof Capel was once only accessible to divers, but now an entrance through Ogof Gelynnen leads to this fantastically decorated and delicate stream cave ..more information
Ogof Clogwyn photo set Ogof Clogwyn is an easily accessible cave in the Clydach Gorge that makes a great introduction to caving and features some fine examples of phreatic shelving ..more information
Ogof Draenen photo set Ogof Draenen is the second longest cave in the UK and is famed for its large boulder strewn passages and unique formations in the furthest reaches of the cave ..more information
Ogof Nant Rhin photo set Ogof Nant Rhin is a linear stream cave with some tight sections and sharp rock but also has some fine formations in the passage roof in sections of the cave ..more information
Ogof Pont Gam photo set Ogof Pont Gam is a recently discovered upper entrance to Ogof Nant Rhin and leads via three pitches and some very tight sporting sections to Aven D'Oznog in Ogof Nant Rhin ..more information
Shakespeare's Cave photo set Shakespeare's cave is the resurgence for the water from Llanelly Quarry Pot and in its length has some sporting ducks and tight wet sections before the final sump is met ..more information
Ogof Dwy Sir photo set Ogof Dwy Sir is a linear cave located in Quimps Quarry on Gilwern Hill and is very dry throughout it's length. In 1997 a large chamber was discovered at the end ..more information
Waterfall Cave photo set Waterfall Cave is short and located in Blackrock Quarry. The cave passes under the Heads of the Valleys road terminating in a large chamber with boulder collapse ..more information
Siambr Ddu Cave photo set Siambr Ddu - The Black Chamber is a sub caprock sinkhole that forms a single large chamber in gritstone boulders connected to the outside world by a low crawl ..more information