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Ogof Pen Eryr

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This linear cave has several interesting tight squeezes which makes it quite popular as a cave to introduce people to caving in.
Length 426m
Altitude 408m
Grid SO 20748 15207
Ogof Pen Eryr is located in the base of the cliff face at the end of the quarry 250m east of Daren Cilau.
Llangattock Google map showing the location of Ogof Pen Eryr and other caves in the area.
Location map - click marker to show entrance photo
The low entrance arch leads into a chamber where a low squeeze leading off takes you to a small chamber with a tight thrutch up through calcited boulders, a challenge for those above average size. This takes you through to the passage beyond, where a boulder choke is met, with the route on being down the left hand side. The passage is then followed to where a large rock with a polished top blocks the passage, the route on being to slide over the top and drop down the 2.5m deep slot into the passage below. At the bottom of the drop a low crawl is followed, beyond which the going gets easier. Soon a slot in the floor is reached which is the squeeze down into The Corkscrew. Here you drop down, pass under the boulders and then pass through, up into the passage beyond. A pleasant passage then leads to a small stream inlet and dig on the left, while following the passage to the right leads to a bedding chamber. Several routes lead off from the bedding chamber that either close down or lead back to the Main Passage. One of the routes at the bottom of the bedding chamber is a low crawl that leads for a short distance to a climb up through calcited boulders that then leads you into a chamber with calcite flows on the walls.
No tackle is required.
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There are several very tight squeezes, the first calcite squeeze is not suitable for cavers above average build.
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