Caves of South Wales Dragon

Central Northern Outcrop Cave Photos

Blaen Onneu Quarry Pot photo set Blaen Onneu Quarry Pot is accessed through the quarry floor and has strongly draughting tight passages and pitches going North and South from the entrance ..more information
Chartist Cave photo set Chartist Cave sits high on the moors above Trefil. It's large entrance formed below a gritstone arch leads to a lower series of chambers and radiating passages ..more information
Ogof Ap Robert photo set Ogof Ap Robert is found in a large shakehole where a small stream sinks in the base of a 10m cliff face. Some tight passages lead to the impressive Toad Hall ..more information
Ogof Cynnes photo set Ogof Cynnes is an extensive cave located in the centre of Mynydd Llangynidr. The cave is notorious for it's copious amounts of mud that makes the trip arduous ..more information
Ogof Tarddiad Rhymney photo set Ogof Tarddiad Rhymney is located in the base of an old quarry face, it's large passages continue for a considerable distance before suddenly closing down ..more information
Ogof Rhyd Sych photo set Ogof Rhyd Sych has a beautiful arched entrance with a stream emerging from it, but soon degenerates into the tight and wet passages that it is renowned for ..more information
Ogof Tee - Ogof Cil Sanws photo set Ogof Tee is a cave formed just below the gritsone cap-rock and leads through a very dangerous boulder choke to enter some low passages before reaching Ogof Cil Sanws ..more information
Ogof Y Ci photo set Ogof Y Ci is located upstream of Rhyd Sych and has a central entrance that leads to a fine stream passage that degenerates to crawls towards the second entrance ..more information
Twll Clogfaen photo set Twll Clogfaen is a short but interesting cave, first passing through boulder chokes and then down two pitches to reach a low streamway ending at a fine aven ..more information