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Town Drain

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Town Drain has some impressive scalloped walls in the first section of the cave, and despite it's linear nature is a worthwhile looking at while visiting other caves in the area.
Length 494m
Altitude 290m
Grid SN 91100 13673
The cave was first recorded by T.A.J. Braithwaite in Caves and Caving Volume 1 1938.
The cave is located in the Nedd Fechan valley downstream of Bridge Cave. Visit Blaen Nedd Isaf Farm first to obtain permission. A parking area is available beside Bridge Cave. The river is followed downstream past Bridge Cave to the dry river bed, this is followed through the gorge section to a 2m climb down. Below the climb, to the right is the obvious entrance to White Lady Cave, while a little further down and on the left hand side is the entrance to Town Drain.
Ystradfellte Google map showing the location of Town Drain and other caves in the area.
Location map - click marker to show entrance photo
Permission to visit the cave must be obtained from Blaen Nedd Isaf farm, where a one pound per person trespass fee will be charged.
The entrance to the cave is a rift between limestone blocks below a rock overhang in the opposite side of the river to White Lady Cave. The walking rift passage meets with another tighter passage on the left, an alternative smaller entrance while taking the passage on the right a very impressive section of scalloped passage is followed. The roof soon lowers to force a crawl over cobbles before the passage regains some height and the scalloped walls become covered in a coating of fine mud. Stooping and crawling follow, with a couple of oxbows giving a choice of routes until a small stream enters on the right. Beyond this inlet the passage height increases to allow comfortable walking until a short climb down reaches a pool and a much wider passage.
Shortly beyond this an inlet on the left can be followed for some distance as a rift with a small flow of water. This ends at a climb up to a tight rift that can only be followed for a few feet.
The way on is past the inlet, here the passage continues to meander with the roof height lowering until a hands and knees crawl leads to a mud filled choke at the end of the cave.
No tackle is required.
Cambrian Cave Registry for Town Drain
UBSS Second Report on the Little Neath River Cave - includes Town Drain information and survey
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The cave is flood prone - do not enter in unsettled weather. The Nedd Fechan river bed is normally dry, but in wet weather this will flow and coupled with the water resurging from White Lady Cave will enter Town Drain.
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