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Craig Y Nos Quarry Cave

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Craig Y Nos Quarry Cave consists of a series of passages and crawls with no climbs, formations or significant streamway, and is often used to introduce beginners to caving.
Length 305m
Altitude 274m
Grid SN 84172 15024
Craig Y Nos Quarry Cave was found in 1939 and re-visited by SWCC in 1949. The cave was surveyed by SWCC in 1953.
Opposite the layby near the Pentre Riding Stables a gate leads to a footpath that takes you up a disused tramroad to the abandoned quarries. Following the footpath up the shoulder between the first two quarries brings you onto a ledge that leads to the small entrance to the cave.
Black Mountain East Google map showing the location of Craig Y Nos Quarry Cave and other caves in the area.
Location map - click marker to show entrance photo
There is now a gate to access Craig y Nos Quarry Cave, installed by the land owners - Dan Yr Ogof Showcaves.
A key to the gate can be obtained from Absolute Adventure, whose center is at Rhongyr Isaf on the opposite side of the valley and lease the land in question.
Contact details are:
Email - (click for link)
Phone - 01639 730518
From the entrance to Craig Y Nos Quarry Cave a hands and knees crawl for a few metres becomes progressively taller until at a T junction you are in a walking passage. To the right leads to further crawls, that eventually get too small or choke. At the T junction the main way is to the left following the descending passage. This starts off quite tall and rift like, gradually decreasing in height until a crawl on the left and a bedding plane are passed after about 50m. Past the crawl the passage splits into two sandy crawls that choke. Following the crawl on the left, the passage gradually increases in size until a more roomy passage at a three way junction is met. Above this junction you can make a short climb up into an aven that soon chokes. To the right leads to the bedding plane and straight on leads to a crawl that becomes larger as you progress and continues to descend. Choked inlets with tree roots are found on the left of the passage, water enters from a small tube on the right of the passage, while ahead the passage descends down a gravel covered floor until the passage eventually chokes. Before the passage chokes a small passage is found on the right which can be followed until it regains the main passages at a junction below the aven.
No tackle required.
Cambrian Cave Registry for Craig Y Nos Quarry Cave
Caves of South Wales | Tim Stratford | ISBN: 1-871890-03-9 | Published by Cordee
The entrance is located in a disused quarry face. There is danger of falling rocks and care should be take on the narrow footpath to the entrance.
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