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Ogof Gwaliau Gwynion - Channer's Dig

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Ogof Gwaliau Gwynion also known as Channer’s Dig is a cave extended by digging from the early 1970s onwards. The cave currently ends close to, but slightly lower than Puzzle Passage in the nearby Daren Cilau system.
Length 184m
Altitude 393m
Grid SO 20173 15651
The cave was discovered in 1970 by Bob Channer and was extensively dug for two years including the installation of a mini railway to take out the spoil. The dig was abandoned by Bob Channer by 1973 and then the cave was then dug in several spates in the following years with the largest extensions found in 1990.
From Whitewalls cottage take the concreted track up the hill towards the Daren Cilau quarries. Once you have reached the upper path where left takes you to the car park you should follow right along the track into the Pant-y-Rhiw quarry that sits above and behind the Whitewalls cottage. The entrance is sited towards the far end of this quarry and has an obvious spoil heap leading up to the low entrance.
Llangattock Google map showing the location of Ogof Gwaliau Gwynion and other caves in the area.
Location map - click marker to show entrance photo
The obvious spoil heaps outside lead up to a low small entrance, this starts off as a short crawl to a cross rift which chokes at the end. To the left is a an old gate, no longer locked that leads to a bend. The passage beyond is quite comfortable with easy crawling and some stooping sections to lead to a slope. To the left is a calcite flow but right leads to a choke. Part way up the choke is a descending crawl that terminated in a clay dig but is now mostly backfilled. The way on is to climb up through the choke to reach a low flat crawl which then drops down to reach the 1990 extensions. This starts as a passage about a metre high which leads through a blasted section to reach two well decorated chambers - The Tinkle Chambers. The first of these is quite low so care is needed. All this section of cave is well taped to direct you to the best route through these delicate gour filled chambers. The route through the second descends into an undercut and a short drop down over boulders. A short crawl leads to a low gour gour filled passage and a squeeze. To the right is a mud filled inlet but ahead a flat-out crawl goes to a second inlet on the left. This inlet can he climbed to a draughting hole. The way on is a flat-out crawl over gours to the dig face. To the left is a 2m deep hole giving a view of an undercut but no way on.
No tackle is required.
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