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Ogof Pont Gam

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Ogof Pont Gam is a tight and arduous cave of little overall length and will remain a rarely visited cave.
Length 137m to the base of Aven D'Oznog
Altitude 324m
Grid SO 20920 12622
The cave was discovered in 2004 by climbing Aven D'Oznog and following the passage found at the top.
The cave is located on private land on the far bank of the Nant Hafod just downstream of the Pont Gam on the old Heads of the Valleys road. Permission to visit should be obtained from the house opposite. Please do not park here as these are private parking spaces, instead park further down the road and walk back up.
Clydach Gorge Google map showing the location of Ogof Pont Gam and other caves in the area.
Location map - click marker to show entrance photo
The cave is on private land. Please ask permission at the house opposite.
Ogof Pont Gam is a recently discovered upper entrance to the well known cave Ogof Nant Rhin, that resurges in the Clydach Gorge. The cave starts as a tight grovel in liquid mud, a few metres of flat out crawls then lead to a tight sharp section of rift passage that leads to the first pitch (10m rigged from two hangers with natural back up). The pitch drops into D'Ybot chambers with some fine calcite deposits and an interesting rock bridge that act as short respite from thrutching. This chamber gives a view over the top of a fine rock bridge, the way on is to follow the stream down a short free climb that leads to the passage under the rock bridge. From this well decorated section of cave the stream is followed ahead in the passage until a point where a rift forks off on the left. Following the water ahead soon degenerates into a too tight passage. The way on is to follow the tight rift passage on the left which is very awkward as it is too tight in the lower section. This passage drops into a small chamber near the head of the second pitch. From this chamber a short section of stooping passage leads the top of the second pitch (3.5m rigged from naturals). A short tight crawl then leads to the third pitch (12m rigged from 3 hangers) which drops into the impressive Aven D'Oznog at the end of Ogof Nant Rhin.
The sharp and tight nature of this cave means that is quite a 'collectors item'.
Pitch 1 10m
Pitch 2 3.5m
Pitch 3 12m
An SRT Topo rigging guide is available from the references below.
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The cave is very tight and has much sharp rock.
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