Caves of South Wales Dragon

Ystradfellte Cave Photos

Pant Mawr Pot photo set Pant Mawr Pot is a 20m pothole that drops into a large trunk passage that can be followed via a couple of easily negotiated boulder chokes to the downstream sump ..more information
Litttle Neath River Cave photo set Little Neath River Cave is a fine sporting system with an entrance in the side of the river bank. This ensures that all those who go in get a thorough soaking ..more information
Porth Yr Ogof photo set Porth Yr Ogof boasts the largest cave entrance in Wales, as the river Mellte disappears underground for over a kilometre through this impressive cave ..more information
Bridge Cave photo set Bridge Cave contains an impressive and large section of fine river passage leads into a sump that connects to the nearby Little Neath River Cave ..more information
Town Drain photo set Town Drain - also known as Arcade Cave has some fine examples of scalloped passage near the entrance. The passage meanders for 500m to a mud choke ..more information
White Lady Cave photo set White Lady cave has an impressive 5m wide and 3m high entrance that leads to some fine passage with deep pools of water before reaching the sump ..more information
Pwll Pindar Cave photo set A 12m shaft drops down to a bedding plane that can be followed to reach some large chambers and fossil passages with interesting sediments ..more information
Ogof Dan Y Rhedyn photo set An 8m shaft drops down into a large chamber leading to short sections of fossil passage heading both north and south. This short cave is located on Ystradfellte Common. ..more information
Ogof Shar Wlad photo set A short cave with a complex set of passages, constrained in a small footprint. The cave lies on Ystradfellte common above Little Neath River Cave ..more information
Ogofau Gwynion photo set Two obvious caves located close to one another, one with a large entrance. The caves lie on Ystradfellte common above Little Neath River Cave ..more information