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Ogof Shar Wlad

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Ogof Shar Wlad
A short cave with a complex passage network confined to s small area located on the common land above Little Neath River Cave. There is little possibility of extension.
Length 60m
Altitude 378m
Grid SN 91618 14424
Ogof Shar Wlad (Common land Cave) was discovered by Jon Young and Andy Dawson on 31st December 1984 whilst walking and exploring the area of common land between Ystradfellte and Blaen Nedd Isaf farm.
The entrance is located amongst some old quarry workings on the eastern side of the western-most of three valleys running approximately North-South. It is most easily located by following the road to Blaen Nedd Isaf farm a short distance past the steep track down to Bridge Cave until a stile is encountered on the right. Follow the footpath across the field and up the side of the hill until you break out onto level ground with sections of limestone pavement. From here head roughly north (towards Fan Nedd) and pass through a single gate into the lower end of the valley. Follow this about two thirds the way toward the next gate and the entrance should be obvious from the spoil heaps high on your right. The walk takes about 10-15 minutes. The cave can also be approached from Ystradfellte in about 30 minutes via the track which begins next to the car-park and leads up onto the moor. From the car park in Ystradfellte village following the lane up to the common, first heading to Carnau Gwynion, but then heading left at the gate through the wall. Following the wall down into the shallow valley, and over the ridge into the next, on the left another gate is found near the end of the wall. Turn right here and follow the outcrop of lightly quarried limestone for about 300m. The entrance is a slot near the base of a limestone outcrop and is very well concealed with flat limestone slabs neatly covering it.
Ystradfellte area Google map showing the location of Ogof Shar Wlad and other caves in the area.
Location map - click marker to show entrance photo
Please neatly replace the rocks covering the entrance after any visit to the cave.
On visiting, the cave feels very much shorter than one would expect from a glance at the survey. The complex network of passages are confined to a very small footprint. After uncovering the entrance, a scaffold frame that supports the top of the entrance is revealed and a short climb down enters a small chamber with a steeply sloping floor. Here a passage leads off, and immediately on the left an upwards sloping tube is entered. This leads after a short distance to a T-junction, where left enters a rift that closes down after a few metres. The way on is to the right where a flat out crawl passes below the original entrance (now capped) before descending down a very steep and loose slope of rocks. At the bottom of the slope are two ways off, both of which close down after a short distance.
No tackle is required
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Nothing of note.
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