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Ogofau Gwynion

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Ogof Gwynion 1 - Inner Chamber
This site consists of two caves located very close together. A small linear cave is located to the southwest of the large cave entrance to the main cave. The two sites are not connected underground, but once must have been related.
Lengths Cave 1 - 70m | Cave 2 - 30m
Altitude 389m
OSGB Grid References Cave 1 - SN 92132 14626 | Cave 2 - SN 92107 14619
The cave entrances are very prominent and will have long been known and visited.
The caves are located on the edge of Ystradfellte common overlooking Blean Neath Isaf Farm and the Nedd Fechan valley below. The caves are best approached from Ystradfellte village following the lane up to the common, first heading to Carnau Gwynion, following the track through the gate in the wall. The track then enters a shallow valley and starts to veer northeast. A limekiln can be seen on the eastern side of the track with the caves located on the higher ground just above it. An alternative route is to approach the common from the public footpath that heads up to the common from the road between Bridge Cave and Blaen Nedd Isaf Farm.
Ystradfellte area Google map showing the location of Ogofau Gwynion and other caves in the area.
Location map - click marker to show entrance photo
No known access restrictions.
Cave Number 1 is the most obvious of the pair and can be clearly seen from the track that runs to the top of the limekiln. This has a large entrance leading to an open chamber which acts as a sheep shelter. This chamber then leads to short dig through to an inner chamber beyond. This chamber has two ways off, the first on the left continues for about 25 metres until it becomes too tight to progress. The second route off the inner chamber is a very tight squeeze on the right. This is shown on the survey to lead to a further chamber.
Cave Number 2 is located to the southwest of the main cave and the small entrance leads to a hands and knees crawl that can be followed for about 30 metres becoming smaller until too tight for further progress.
No tackle is required
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Cambrian Cave Registry for Ogof Gwynion Number 2
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You are strongly advised not to feed the dragon that lives in the larger of the two caves.
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