Caves of South Wales Dragon

Llangattock Cave Photos

Agen Allwedd photo set Agen Allwedd is one of the longest caves on Llangattock and offers classic trips such as the Inner Circle, Outer Circle and Grand Circle routes ..more information
Eglwys Faen photo set Eglwys Faen is an easily accessible cave with numerous entrances, and as such makes a great introduction to caving for many new cavers ..more information
Daren Cilau photo set Ogof Daren Cilau is renowned for the 600m long tight entrance crawl that acts as a natural barrier to this cave, but once passed the variety of cave is unrivalled ..more information
Ogof Pen Eryr photo set Ogof Pen Eryr is known for the two corkscrew squeezes in the cave that make this a challenge for most people and even more so for those above average size ..more information
Pwll Y Gwynt photo set Pwll Y Gwynt is one of the hardest caves to find, located high in the escarpment above Agen Allwedd. A 21m pitch drops you into a series of tall avens linked by low muddy crawls ..more information
Pwll Y Pasg photo set Pwll Y Pasg is located high on the top of Llangattock and is formed just below the millstone grit caprock. This is a short and interesting, but rarely visited cave ..more information
Ogof Cnwc photo set Ogof Cnwc was formerly known as Price's Dig before it was connected to Busman's Holiday in Ogof Daren Cilau in 2003, and now provides a muddy alternative entrance ..more information
Ogof Gwaliau Gwynion photo set Ogof Gwaliau Gwynion was formerly known as Channer's Dig. A series of low passages leads after about 100m to some small decorated chambers before ending too low. ..more information