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Ogof Carreg Yr Ogof

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Ogof Carreg Yr Ogof - Before the choke
This is a very short but interesting and well decorated cave, probably in part due to an old limekiln that sits on the surface a short distance above it.
Length 37m
Altitude 572m
OSGB Grid Reference SN 77831 21572
This is a cave that has long been known, as it is from this that the hill takes its name.
The cave is located on the northern flank of Carreg Yr Ogof, about 150 metres north-northeast of the trig point. The entrance is located just below a disused limekiln where fern and moss covered rocks lead down to the entrance.
Central Black Mountain area Google map showing the location of Ogof Carreg Yr Ogof and other caves in the area.
Location map - click marker to show entrance photo
The most direct route to the cave is to head up the bridle path from near Gellygron Farm. Please note that there are no parking spaces at the end of the road, so you will need to park a considerable distance back up the road. An alternative approach, which makes a fine walk in good weather is to start out from the Llyn Y Fan Fach carpark, walk up to the lake and then follow the contour around the mountain to reach Carreg Yr Ogof.
The entrance is one metre square and located at the bottom of an exposed rock face, this leads down into a small entrance chamber that is about 7 metres long. At the end of this first bit of passage a low section over fallen rocks has to be passed and then quickly opens out into the main chamber. The main chamber is 10 metres long, 4 metres wide and up to 3 metres high and is decorated with stalagmites on the floor and straws in the roof, with the wall at the north end being covered in flowstone. Beyond a choke is reached, which was dug to reach a final smaller chamber. The route through this section is quite tight for those with broad shoulders. This last chamber has a deep pool of water that is a magnificent green colour which has been dived to find no possible way on.
No tackle is required
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